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Valken GelBlaster SURGE refill (35000x)

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Valken GelBlaster SURGE ammunition soft gel balls (35000 pieces)

GelBlaster balls are delivered as so-called granules. These are about 1mm small balls. These are not only very light, but also save space. If you want to use the balls you have to put them in water for 2-3 hours before use. The balls absorb the water and then reach their actual size of around 8mm. Then you are ready to be fired with the Valken GelBlaster SURGE.

The balls are soft and self-lubricating due to their gel-like consistency. They slide optimally through the GelBlaster and can be fired without any problems.

When hitting a hard target, the GelBlaster balls burst into small pieces. These then slowly dry out afterwards. Since the ball, as already mentioned, consists of around 99% pure water, the GelBlaster balls do not leave any residue on clothing, equipment or the environment. This means that GelBlaster can also be played in the front garden at home without any problems.

It is delivered in a sealed bag with a content of 35,000 gel balls. - Please choose color.

How to prepare the GelBlaster balls for use:

1. Take a bucket (5-10L volume is sufficient here)

2. Fill the bucket about halfway with water

3. Fill the GelBlaster balls into the bucket (we recommend approx. 1/3 bag content)

4. Let the balls swell in the water for 2-3 hours (don't worry, nothing happens if they lie in there a little longer)

5. After 2-3 hours, pour off the excess water. The finished gel balls are left behind

6. Fill the gel balls into the hopper of your GelBlaster

7. Let's go ... have fun. :)

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