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Valken GelBlaster SURGE set (10 pieces)

€ 799,95 € 749,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

Valken Gel Blaster SURGE in a 10 FIELD PACKAGE for field operators.

Gel Blaster offers an interesting option for young players on your system. Feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to advise you on the subject of Gel Blaster playing fields as a supplementary offer on your paintball facility.

GelBlaster are the new fun for paintball offspring. GelBlaster shoot small jelly balls that consist of 99% water. This means that these balls are not only absolutely harmless and residue-free, but also 100% environmentally friendly.

The exit energy of the gel balls is> 0.5 Joule, so the GelBlaster are considered toys and are freely available for sale without age restriction. So that fun is not neglected, we recommend a classification for children from 6 years.

Like a normal paintball marker, the GelBlaster has a hopper that sits on top of the GelBlaster. This holds up to 800 gel balls. The bullet speed is around 150 FPS, about half as fast as a paintball ball. The range of the GelBlast is approx. 25-30 meters. This makes it ideal for use in kids paintball and the area for youngsters.

Operation is via the supplied battery. This lasts for several hours and is therefore sufficient for a whole game day.

The ammunition of the GelBlaster is extremely inexpensive and space-saving. The gel balls are only around 1mm in size in their original state. Soak in water springs for 2-3 hours before use. To do this, simply tip the bag with the GelBlaster balls into a container (e.g. a bucket) and fill it up with a little water. After 2-3 hours the balls have soaked themselves with water and reached their appropriate size.

Scope of delivery of the Valken GelBlaster SURGE:

1x Valken GelBlaster SURGE

2x hoppers for up to 800 gel balls

2x feednack

1x battery

1x charging cable (USB)

1x color kit (orange and blue, both colors are included)

1x safety glasses

5000 rounds of Orange GelBlaster ammunition

5000 rounds of GelBlaster ammunition blue

Product details of the Valken GelBlaster SURGE:

- 12 BPS (balls per second)

- 150 FPS shot speed

- 25-30 meters maximum range

- Less than 0.5 joule projectile energy, therefore no age limit!

- Recommendation FSK6

- Balls consist of 99% water. 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly

- No dirt or residue on clothing, equipment or the surrounding area

- Very inexpensive ammunition

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