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P4Y premium .50 kaliber paintballs for kids

P4Y premium .50 kaliber paintballs for kids

€ 69,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

P4Y premium .50 kaliber paintballs for kids

Cal. 50 paintball balls in PREMIUM quality. These paintballs break much better than the cheaper field paint.

Cal. 50 Paintballs are suitable for all Kids Paintball Markers from our range and of course for all other Cal. 50 and low impact paintball markers.

It is a high-quality all-round paintball with a slightly firmer shell and good flight behavior. Also ideal for use on playing fields, as these paint guarantees little dirt and little problems in the marker. From us a very clear buy recommendation.

Product description:

- Delivery 4,000 rounds per box
- individually wrapped in 8 bags of 500 shots each
- Cal. 50 ammunition
- Premium quality
- 100% PEG filling
- firm shell, does not burst in the marker
- good flight behavior

* let op! het verzenden van paint is op eigen risico ivm breaks *

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