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Virst Field Paintballs

€ 34,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Do you own a paintball field? Are you just starting your paintball adventure? Maybe you’re simply on a low budget? Anyway, what you are looking for is a no fuss box of affordable paint. It’s ok, we’ve got you covered.

We gave it our all to provide the best possible quality in this lowest price bracket, Virst Field. A trouble- free box of paint with a decent breakability, repeatability and filling, along an outstanding price. Designed especially for recreational players and commercial field owners.


  • Straight flight trajectory
  • Suitable for high and low pressure markers
  • Bright fill / Single color shell
  • No oil, easy to wash
  • Best performance in temp. 10°C—30°C

* Please notice! paint is excluded from "free" shipping, and shipping is at own risk regarding breaks *

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