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Push Unite chine extension kit ( different colors )

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Push Unite chine extension kit ( different colors )

The Push Unite Chin Extention Kit is an extension of the mask frame of the Push Unite. Included with this kit is not just a new set of soft-ear pieces, but also the new mask frame extension that attaches below the existing mask frame.

As a result, the mask is extended downwards by approx. 1-1.5cmm and thus protects the chin and jaw area significantly better than the standard mask. This upgrade not only offers much more protection, even players with a big head can finally enjoy the benefit of being able to play a Push Unite mask that covers their face much better than the standard model.

The Chin Extention is simply anchored to the front of the lower louvers of the frame and keeps you absolutely safe.

Scope of delivery of the Push Unite Chin Extention Kit:

1x Push Unite Chin Extention Frame (small frame below the actual mask frame)

1x Push Unite Soft Ear Pieces / Replacement earmuffs

ATTENTION - This is not a complete frame or mask! - It's just an upgrade component.

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