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HK Army SLR mask (15 colors)

€ 219,95 € 199,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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With the SLR mask, HK Army has created a worthy successor to the popular and proven HK Army KLR paintball mask. The design of the SLR is based on the KLR, but has been completely modernized. The result is really impressive. The new HK Army SLR mask has a really attractive and sleek design.

But the new HK Army SLR mask is not just visually impressive, numerous new features have also been installed. Among other things, a magnetic mask strap that can be opened and closed with just one hand. HK copied this popular feature from its competitor Push and its Unite mask. In addition, the mask frame of the SLR has been expanded compared to the previous model and now offers even more protection. The new CTX goggle strap pad, which was specially developed by HK for the SLR mask, ensures pleasant wearing comfort without slipping. In addition, numerous proven features of the previous model (KLR mask) have of course been adopted. Among other things, the glasses and their quick-change system.

The HK Army SLR offers maximum freedom of movement, an extra large field of vision, good ventilation and acoustics and an extremely light weight. All of this makes this mask one of the best currently on the market (as of May 2021).

Features of the HK Amry SLR paintball mask:

- Special ventilation openings for maximum communication and comfortable breathing under the mask

- New acoustics in the area of the ears for the best possible hearing of the other players

- 3-layer memory foam mask foam for perfect wearing comfort

- HD Pure Lens Thermal mask lens, color: Smoke for the best possible view without fogging

- Clip-Lock system for changing glasses (fast, safe, innovative)

- New type of CTX mask strap for a perfect hold and pleasant wearing comfort

- New, magnetic chinstrap (can be operated with one hand)

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