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SP Shocker ERA (8 colors)

€ 1.099,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

We are proud to announce the next chapter in the outstanding SHOCKER® story.


The “Shocker® ERA”


With the fascinating new milling, this marker not only embodies simple elegance, but also shows an unwavering commitment to performance. The Shocker® ERA's improved ergonomics and grip texture provide greater comfort and control.


A shortened back cap increases the distance between the player's eye and the back of the marker, improving visibility. The redesigned bolt offers the player unparalleled reliability, a reduced noise signature and the ability to use even smaller paintballs without any problems. Rolling back of the very small paintball is reliably prevented, which means that the Shocker® ERA adapts to modern ball trends.


Its superior flow dynamics guarantees exceptional consistency even with quick sequences of shots. The improved trigger not only feels responsive, but also provides excellent trigger feel at standard settings. Redesigned frame-to-body and frame-to-ASA seals with double-sided O-ring pins eliminate the need for Loctite, reducing backlash issues. Since there are no sealing plugs in the housing, maintenance is streamlined, which minimizes leaks and makes disassembly easier, even if you want to completely re-anodize your marker, for example. The Shocker® ERA features improved eye cable retention, further simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime between games.


As standard, the Shocker® ERA is equipped with a 15-inch All-American barrel.


Prepare to elevate your paintball game with the Shocker® ERA and become a standout on the field with its stunning design and outstanding performance.


It's time to embrace the future of paintball gaming.



Shocker® ERA:


- Redesigned bolt

- Better fluid dynamics

- Improved ergonomics

- Shortened rear cap

- Improved trigger

- Reduced maintenance effort

- Redesigned frame/ASA seals

- No Loctite connections

- Improved eye cable hold

- 15 inch All-American barrel



Only available to people over 18 years of age

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€ 799,00

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