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Planet Eclipse Geo4 .68 Cal Emerald black / green

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Planet Eclipse Geo4 .68 Cal Emerald black / green

The popular Planet Eclipse GEO platform has finally been extended with the GEO4.

The design of the GEO4 convinces at first sight. The redesigned milling of the body saves a lot of weight. The weight distribution of the entire marker is more balanced. The geometry of the GEO4 frame has also been redesigned. The changed angles of the grips improve the handling and increase the comfort of the GEO4.

The narrow handle shells of the GEO4 can be removed within seconds without tools. Under the rubberized front handle is the power supply, which only needs 2xAA batteries. The Battery Carrier was additionally reinforced.

The IV Core, loved by many gamers, should not be missing on the GEO4. It is particularly efficient and gentle to the paint. In combination with the SFR (Solenoid Flow Restrictor) the IV Core has a shot signature that resembles a whisper. The newly revised Cure ST2.5 bolt of the GEO4 now has a soft tip embedded in the bolt.

In order to get paintballs right to the target, the GEO4 has the latest FL barrel from Planet Eclipse, the Shaft FL Aluminium barrel. Thanks to the special double helix hole in the front, the ball accelerates evenly and leaves the barrel with a pleasantly quiet shooting noise.

-Weight-optimized milling
-Enhanced geometry of the frame
-Cure ST2.5 Bolt with Soft Tip
-Two-piece Shaft FL Aluminium barrel
-Blade Trigger
-tool-less grip plates
-IV Core
-2xAA batteries as power supply
-Board interface via USB
-High-resolution LCD display

Scope of delivery:
-Solid aluminium case with zip
-Planet Eclipse Geo4
-One Shaft FL Aluminium barrel front part 14.5"
-A Shaft FL back 0.689
-Planet Eclipse Allen key set
-Planet Eclipse Grease, 10ml
-Planet Eclipse Barrel Sock
-GEO4 Spare parts set
-manual, english

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€ 1.299,00 € 1.349,00

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