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Planet Eclipse Etha 3 (4 colorways)

€ 599,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Planet Eclipse ETHA3 Paintball Marker

The ETHA series, presented for the first time in 2011, is now entering the long-awaited 3rd generation.

Nothing has changed in the basic idea, the ETHA3 is still a robust and reliable all-rounder. Whether woodland, just for fun, tournament sports, etc. The new ETHA3 knows how to inspire in all paintball situations.

A low-rise clamping feedneck made of aluminum now sits enthroned at the top of the marker body. Torn off levers are a thing of the past and now the hopper sits a little lower, which reduces your own hitting area.

The old, curved trigger gives way to the more modern and popular blade trigger. If the blade trigger doesn't suit you, you can always switch to the separately available curved trigger of the ETHA2. Because both markers use the same trigger recording.

If we look at the frame, we find the POPS bottom donkey, the tool-less grip panels and the Lock'n'Load front grip, which houses the power supply in the form of a 9V battery.

The overall package is completed by the two-part 14.5" shaft barrel system. This barrel system comes standard with a .689 back, has the same high quality as some high-end alternatives and is compatible with the Shaft FR barrel back, among others.

- Quick release bolt cap
- Aluminum low-rise clamping feedneck
- Slimmer and more modern body design
- Redesigned Eye Covers
- Gamma Core bolt system
- Push On Purge System (POPS) Bottom Donkey
- Two-piece 14.5" shaft barrel systems
- Integrated SL4 inline regulator
- Tool-free handle scales
- Modern electronics with no cable connection between frame and body
- Completely tubeless design
- LED display visible from both sides

Scope of delivery:
- Planet Eclipse ETHA3
- Shaft aluminum barrel back .689
- A 14.5" shaft front part (Shaft FR compatible)
- Gamma Core bolt system
- Planet Eclipse allen key set
- Planet Eclipse Grease, 20ml
- Planet Eclipse running sock
- ETHA3 spare parts set
- Manual, English

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