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The R2™ fuses simplicity with mind-blowing feed rates, reliability and capacity flexibility. Through both professional player input and customer feedback, our engineering team meticulously reconfigured and reengineered the Rotor™ , to invent one of the next advancement in loader technology. The R2™ includes a highly innovative multi-capacity shell that allows the user to choose between 200 or 260 round capacity on the fly, without the need for additional shells, parts or tools. The Rapid Release lid is one of the fastest and most intuitive quick change lid system on the market, allowing for effortless changes between DYE Quickfeeds™ and traditional polycarbonate lids. The R2's large mouth design opening, is 15% larger than its predecessor and ensures that your loading procedure is quick, efficient and effortless. The R2's new circuit board logic, provides a Reload Alert System. In addition the new electronic Dynamic Force Control, insures that your R2 energy drive, spools up to provide initial consistent power regulated feeding, while also providing a gentle power control on paint when needed. The new Dye R2™ is THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS™

Product details:

• Adjustable ball capacity 200/260 paintballs
• 15% larger lid opening and rapid release safeguard system
• Reload alert system
• Low batterie indicator
• Dynamic force control
• Tool-less disassembly
• Spring loaded inner floor
• Improved feed reliability
• Adjustable drive tension
• Positive feed live hinge tray
• Power suppliy - 3AA batteries
• Weight 1.1 LBS (without batteries)
• Patented ROTOR FEED Technology

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€ 179,95 € 189,95
€ 179,95 € 189,95

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