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BunkerKings CTRL Plus shells

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BunkerKings CTRL Plus shells

One size doesn't fit all. Two sizes don't fit all. Three sizes? You guessed it; three sizes don't fit all. With the full range of CTRL Plus Sized Top shells, including your stock CTRL loader you have up to 5 different paintball loader sizes to choose from: 200rnd stock, +20, +40, +60, and +80.

One loader to CTRL them all. Don't limit yourself to a single size. Choose the loader based on the day, the game plan, or just how you feel. Think of your CTRL top shells like a well equipped barrel bore size kit -- depending on the day and the situation, you may need a different size. Always be ready with the full set! Sure you'll have a favorite most of the time, but there will always be a certain game plan, scenario game, practice day, drill routine, or some unknown and unknowable event that dictates a bigger or smaller loader. Champions adapt, and the CTRL loader allows you to adapt to any circumstance. Be ready to win at every opportunity. 

While the benefits to a back or mid player are obvious, even front players can benefit from a larger sized shell, while back and mid players can take advantage of a smaller loader. And thanks to the CTRL Loader's quick change shell design, you can even swap sizes in between games in seconds.



  • Carry more paint on the field
  • Shoot more on the breakout
  • Shoot lanes longer without reloading
  • Reload full pods into a partially full loader without spilling
  • Make moves down the field while shooting without delaying to reload


  • Be more compact, lower profile
  • Shoot one-handed
  • Dive with gun up
  • Shoot easier with your off hand
  • Have a lighter weight setup
  • Point your gun at a lane longer with less fatigue


  • Holds 20 more paintballs than stock shell (approximately 280) total.
  • +5mm taller than stock top shell / +17g weight over stock shell
  • Includes quick change lid.
  • Change sizes in seconds.
  • 2 size carrying cases available.


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