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Virtue Breakout half-finger gloves (5 colors)

€ 24,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

Virtue Breakout gloves are constructed in multiple designs for every style of game play or for multi-sport use. All Breakout gloves feature a soft elastic wrist guard that locks the glove securely in place with a comfortable wrist support. The low profile wrist guard has the added benefit of keeping dirt, debris, or grass from getting inside the palm of your hand.


  • Half-finger coverage
  • Soft air mesh
  • Wrist support guard
  • Silicone palm grip
  • Purlicue abrasion pad
  • Moisture wicking fabric 
  • Tear resistant construction

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€ 59,95 € 64,95
€ 59,95 € 64,95