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HK Army TRK AIR jogger pants Leopard King

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HK Army TRK AIR jogger pants Leopard King -Chad "Yaya" Bouchez edition-
Introducing the HK Army TRK Jogger pants. The TRK's are comprised of a premium knit poly blend for supreme comfort and flexibility. Featuring custom printed vertical leg designs, embroidery detailing, waterproof zipper pockets, reinforced knees and two swab pockets make these the perfect pant for any paintball player. 


  • Knit Poly Blend
  • Drawstring waistband 
  • Embroidery Detailing
  • Waterproof Zipper Pockets 
  • Jogger Fit 
  • Two Swab Pockets
  • Cuffed Ankles
  • Ventilated Legs 
  • Reinforced Knees

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