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BunkerKings Featherlite Fly Pants

€ 174,95 € 149,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

Welcome to 100% Unrestricted Mobility. Weighing in at a mere 430 grams, the BK Fly Pants will help you reach peak position, no matter what your playing style is. Years of research, development and testing has made the BK Fly pants not only the lightest durable paintball pants ever made, but also packed with performance driven features.

Featherlight Weight
◦ Fly down the field with no restrictions. The BK Fly pants may be the lightest, most durable paintball pant yet at only 430 grams or 15 ounces.
The BK Harness Lock System
◦ The super secure royal lock pants closing system has double functionality so you can also lock down your pack and keep your pants from sliding down.
Buckle Free Soft Waist Adjustment
◦ Comfortable and simple elastic waist adjustment that won't bind or dig into your skin.
Weatherproof Four Way Stretch
◦ Both the main front and back parts are made in an amazing Durastretch material which is water resistant and super stretchy for unrestricted mobility.
Water Resistant Swab and Microfiber Pockets
◦ Vision and accuracy are two of the most important things in paintball. The water resistant keeps your barrel swab dry which will help you get straighter shots when cleaning your barrel. And a dry microfiber is a must for cleaning your lens. The microfiber pocket also has a cover that helps keeping its zipper dry as well.
Harness Friction Pad 
◦ This super sticky silicone print not only looks awesome but also has a gluing effect to your harness which ensures there is no movement between the pack and the pants.

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