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€ 249,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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HK Army LAZR barrel kit 15 "- Cocker

Designed with accuracy and style in mind, the LAZR Barrel Kit offers unmatched performance. The precision process used in the development of the LAZR enables improved diameter uniformity and a smooth inner finish. This love of surface detail provides the "ball-on-ball" accuracy one expects from a high-end barrel system. You can change the case simply by sliding the inserts into the barrel.

The LAZR barrel kit comes complete with 8 barrel bore inserts, a barrel tip and 4 interchangeable accent grips. The LAZR barrel is packaged in the custom-made HK Army Hard Shell Exo Barrel Case.


- 2-part aluminum barrel of the highest quality
- EXO hard zipper protection on the case
- 8 barrel sleeves in sizes .678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690, .692
- 4 removable colored barrel back grips (red, blue, black, gray)
- Ball Sizer to make sure the correct size is used.
- 15 "overall length
- 8 "running back
- Porting to increase the accuracy and lower the sound signature
- Laser engraved sizes on the back of the barrel
- Precision ground barrel tip and barrel backs
- Autococker thread. Fits for example on Ax, Shocker, Planet Eclipse markers, DYE markers, VCOM, Mac Dev markers and Vanquish

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