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Carbon Paintball 14 "IC Barrel / Freak XL barrel

The new Carbon Paintball IC Barrel is an ultra-light, very precise paintball barrel that was developed in cooperation with Smart Parts and is based on the principle of the proven Freak XL barrel system. Carbon has taken over the function of the Freak XL running system and has given it an ultra-light housing with the IC barrel that also looks excellent and very aggressive.

By using the Freak XL sleeves, the barrel diameter can be individually adapted to each paint played. This ensures maximum consistency and precision.

Product details of the Carbon Paintball IC barrel:

- Overall length 14 "/ 36.5cm
- Three-part construction (back - sleeve - front)
- Compatible with all Freak XL sleeves
- Delivery incl. 1x Freak XL sleeve (.687)
- Ultra light design (only 97g)
- The barrel of the barrel back is made of ultra-light, durable carbon
- Running front made of solid 6061-T6 aluminum
- Front diameter .696
- Thread: Cocker

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