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Carbon 38L Collapsible buffle bag

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Carbon 38L Collapsible buffle bag

The packable lightweight duffle is designed to collapse and be brought along on trips as an additional gear bag for practice or events. The stylish product interior and exterior are constructed using a weather resistant material for easy cleaning in muddy, dirty and rainy conditions. The bag features a ventilated cleat storage compartment and removable bag dividers with built in sleeves to protect and separate valuables. The bag also includes a collapsible changing mat for easy convenience as well as multiple zipper and mesh pockets for smaller items.


  • 38L Collapsible and packable duffle bag design
  • Weather resistant interior and exterior material
  • Ventilated cleat storage compartment
  • Includes collapsible changing mat
  • Quick-access main bag zipper
  • Water resistant zippers
  • Accessory pockets (both zipper and mesh)
  • Velcro elastic interior gear strap (ideal for tank or loader)
  • Reinforced shoulder strap and duffle style handles


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