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PowerHouse TKO paintball HP regulator (300BAR/4500PSI) - 7 options -

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PowerHouse TKO Paintball HP Regulator (300Bar/4500PSI)

The TKO is a precisely adjustable premium regulator (400 psi - 650 psi). It is preset at the factory to 450 PSI. Powerhouse uses wave spring technology and a temperature resistant stainless steel insert with its all new "POWER PUCK" giving the regulator rock solid, smooth airflow that is extremely easy to service. A rotary lock cartridge combined with low profile rupture discs allows the user to customize the alignment of the regulator gauge and fill nipple on their marker, eliminating wrist discomfort. Given the superior performance it offers, it's no wonder why so many top teams choose PowerHouse!


- Pressure adjustment insert allows adjustment from 400psi to 650psi with a simple internal adjustment.

- ASA thread cartridge made of electropolished stainless steel.

- Wave spring technology, precision woven flat wire spring for improved consistency and reliability to quickly return to target pressure.

- Special setscrew pockets to prevent seizing and slipping in the marker's ASA thread.

- Low profile rupture discs for a smooth, clean look.

- Dedicated direct-to-tank fill port, prevents piston nozzle damage and over-inflation with fast filling at fill stations.

- Interlocking parts to prevent incorrect assembly.

- Quick disassembly for easy maintenance.

- Stainless steel case

- All PowerHouse regulators are pressure tested by the manufacturer for 24 hours after manufacture.

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