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PowAir HP ultimate tank 1,1L 300 bar (tank only)

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PowAir HP ultimate tank 1,1L 300 bar (tank only)

PowAir has been one of the best-known brands in Europe for years when it comes to high-quality paintball and airsoft HPA systems. Now the manufacturer has upped the ante and is presenting its brand new ULTIMATE SERIES bottles.

With a weight of only 690g, the PowAir ULTIMATE SERIES bottle is one of the so-called Ultralite bottles and is therefore by far the lightest model on the market.

The particularly compact design enables maximum short setups. As a player, you can either use the tried-and-tested PowAir MaxReg Regulator and get a setup with a standard length, or you can use the new PowAir MicroMax Regulator to get the ultimate short and compact HPA setup.

This bottle is compatible with all standard 300 bar / 4500 PSI paintball HP regulators.

Like all other composite HP bottles from the PowAir brand, the new ULTIMATE SERIES bottles are ISO and PI-TÜV certified for safe use worldwide. The bottles have a lifespan of 15 years and must be re-tested every 5 years.

Product details of the PowAir Ultimate Series 1.1 liter Ultralite HP bottle:

– Length: 20cm
– Diameter: 11cm
– Weight: 690g
– Volume: 1.1 liters / 68ci
– Filling pressure: 300 bar / 4500 PSI
– Test pressure 450 bar / 6750 PSI

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