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DYE LT Remote System Nylon with Slide Check Bleeder

Simple but stable paintball remote hose system with straight hose. Because of the straight hose, this system is much more flexible and easier to use than comparable, coiled hose systems. With its 100cm length, the hose offers sufficient freedom of movement.

This model is the black version with high-quality plastic tubing, covered with durable black rubber.

Of course, this model also has a quick coupling for loosening the hose on the marker and an ASA connection with on / off valve for venting.

Usage note: Never vent the remote system at the ON / OFF screw of the bottle adapter as this can damage the internal O-rings and lead to leaks. - Shoot empty or use slide check for venting!

Product details:

Length of the hose: approx. 100 cm

Working pressure: 2500 PSI / 150 bar (suitable for SHP regulators)

Burst pressure: 4500 PSI / 300 bar

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