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The EXE brand offers high quality paintballs made in EU. The range includes different quality levels from the inexpensive field paint to the high-quality tournament paint and special versions such as MagFed Paintballs and Cal. 50 kids paintball ammunition. What is particularly interesting about the range of paints from EXE is the large selection of colors. The paintballs of this brand are available in different colors.

The EXE GFive tournament paintballs are specially made for use in tournament sports and are only suitable for use with e-pneumatic markers, as their shell is very thin and brittle. The filling is bright and bright and extremely difficult to wipe off. The bowl also has a visually appealing and very high-quality metallic finish (pearl effect).

An excellently processed tournament paint for demanding players who want to reach the top. Maximum precision and excellent marking properties thanks to the thick, luminous filling. This is exactly how a tournament paintball should be!

It is delivered in a 2000 box with 4x 500 bags.

* let op! het verzenden van paint is op eigen risico ivm breaks *