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Vforce profiler black

€ 119,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Vision under Pressure! The VForce Profiler was created to endure the fanatic intensity of paintballs top international competition. This is the worlds fastest mask, featuring the Quick-Change Lens; you can change to tinted lens in only 5 seconds! Now is your chance to stay in the game. This system has a HardTarget Design that reduces frontal and profile areas for hard-to-hit target advantage.


-High Bounce Factor

-ProVisor: Soft rubber contoured bounce-visor

-VFlector: Soft rubber contoured forehead panel delivers major bounce without ProVisor

-ProGrille: Soft rubber center-face for heavy facial bounce-count with no jawbone-slap!

-RimShot: Soft rubber lower edge for high-comfort interface

-Thermal lens

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