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JT Proflex X paintball thermal mask

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JT Proflex X paintball thermal mask

The globally popular JT Proflex is back with new features under the name Proflex X. As with your predecessor, the Proflex X impresses with quality and comfort. It is backwards compatible with the well-known JT Spectra mask glasses and the Vortex II fan.

The unique design of the Proflex offers the player maximum protection with its solid mask glass frame, while the flexible and generously cut lower part of the mask provides more freedom and bouncer.

The 260 degree field of view of the Proflex X allows you to keep an eye on your opponents at all times.

Thanks to the Pro-Change Lens Frame System, changing lenses is child's play. The mask glass can be changed in a few simple steps without tools. Simply unlock the mask frame, remove the mask and replace the old mask glass with the new one. Finished!

The convenient foam pads of the Proflex X can be replaced quickly and easily for easy maintenance of the mask.

Thanks to the Vortex II fan available as an accessory, the mask is ideal for people who wear glasses and in extremely damp weather. Fogging up the glasses is now a thing of the past.

- Pro-Change Lens Frame System for easy changing of the mask lenses
- Replaceable foam pads
- 260 degree field of view
- Adjustable mask strap with silicone strips
- Compatible with JT Spectra mask glasses and Vortex II fan
- Suitable for glasses wearers.

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