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€ 99,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

The LT Diggerz by HK Army is the first low top shoe with an integrated compression membrane on the market, which was developed specifically for paintball.

Improved X1.5 sole:
The Diggerz X1.5 High Top sole provides the base for the sole. The double reinforced sole uses an improved proprietary high-performance adhesive including a stitched exoskeleton for a tough connection to the upper body. Excellent grip on turf, grass or mud is provided by 19 (15+4) strengthened polymer cleats.

Integrated compression ankle support membrane:
Like sneakers, the LT Diggerz extends close to the ankles. As a finishing touch, a compression ankle support membrane was integrated. This membrane protects against wind and weather. Even ankle hits become much more bearable if the paintball should not bounce.

The shoe's tongue has been upgraded with a compression foam pad. This not only protects your foot but also will provoke bouncers.

Maximum comfort:
The insole is made of high-density memory foam. This material has viscoelastic properties, which allows the insole to adapt to the contour of your feet. So you stand pressure-free even for several hours and without signs of fatigue on the playing field.

Space for dirty shoes:
With the shoes, you will get a practical zipper mesh bag with a carrying handle. After the game day, you simply throw the dirty shoes into the bag and do not have to worry about anything else. Having to remember to carry garbage or plastic bags has thus come to an end ;-)

- Low Top construction
- Integrated ankle support compression membrane
- Improved X1.5 sole
- Viscoelastic high-density memory foam insole
- 19 (15+4) polymer cleats
- Including zipper mesh bag with carrying handle

Shoe sizing:

*The shoes run smaller, so pick a size larger then normally*

US 8 = EU 40,5 = UK 7,5
US 9 = EU 42 = UK 8,5
US 10 = EU 43 = UK 9,5
US 11 = EU 45 = UK 10,5
US 12 = EU 46 = UK 11,5
US 13 = EU 47 = UK 12,5
US 14 = EU 48,5 = UK 13,5

These shoes are specifically designed for paintball on turf, grass or mud. Use on concrete or similar surfaces is not recommended.

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