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HK Army Diggerz_X1.5 Hightop Paintball Shoes

Shoes HK Army Diggerz X1.5 High Top black / grey

Update: New, improved sole and cleat design:
HK Army has made the probably best paintball shoes even better. The sole is now sewn to the upper shell, the chemical composition of the glue used has been optimized.

The studs have been completely redesigned: The anchoring points of the studs, their general construction and the rubber/plastic composition have also been improved.

The HK Army Diggerz X1.5 are first-class High Top Paintball Shoes, which were developed for the sport of Paintball.

The 15 integrated traction points of the sole provide optimal grip when playing on artificial turf, grass and mud.

Thanks to the high top cut of the shoe, the ankle is perfectly supported and stabilizes the ankle. The Memory Foam insole ensures a high level of comfort on any surface, even during long periods of play.

Thanks to the included carrying bag, you can transport the shoes separately from your clothes after playing.

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