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BunkerKings Strapless Pack V5 - WKS black

€ 74,95 € 69,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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BunkerKings Strapless Pack V5 - black

The Bunkerkings WKS Pack is a fifth generation upgrad to the original revolution BK Supreme pack. With its lightning speed one handed load and unload functionality simple enough for anyone to load like a pro. The patented pod holding technology makes you able to load any kind of 135/165 pod with no adjustments needed. The belt is the most stable with it´s four way lock down system. It also has the strongest Velcro available which will hold your harness super safe as you slide in to the next bunker.


  • Strapless lightning speed one handed load and unload functionality
  • Works with all 135-165 pods, no adjustments needed
  • Bounce reducing stability belt system with 300 degree grip print and 4 way lock down
  • Royal pillow padding for supreme comfort.
  • Extra stable double outer pod loops, does not matter which one use when only using one.
  • One size fits most belt. Belt extender is available.
  • 4 pack holds 11 pods
  • 5 pack holds 13 pods

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