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Freak XL Kit

€ 220,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Freak XL Kit (14inch)
Product information "GOG Total Freak XL Kit"
The new 8" Total Freak XL Kit is the advanced version of the 5" Total Freak Kit, who sets the standard for barrel kits since 2000.
The Total Freak XL Kit could be names "Carefree Barrel Kit" with all important parts included, it consists of
-    Freak XL Back, wit thread fitting the marker
-    Freak XL Front, the tip fitting all Backs
-    Freak XL Inserts, 8pcs, every one with a different diameter, color coded
-    Freak XL case, well designed strong but lightweight case, you can store and transport all Freak XL Kit parts at once

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